January 16, 2014

Oscar Predictions 2014

Before you get irate when your favorite film of the year is left off of the Oscar list tomorrow morning at 830 AM, remember all of the indelible directors who never even had a sniff of Oscar’s burnished statue-most notably Alfred Hitchock, Stanley Kubrick and Orson Welles.  However, with the Oscar Nominations finally being released tomorrow, I figured I’d offer up my 2 cents.

Best Picture

12 Years a Slave
American Hustle
Dallas Buyers Club
Wolf of Wall Street
Captain Phillips
Saving Mr Banks

Best Director

Martin Scorcese
David O’Russell
Alfonso Cuaron
Steve Mcqueen
Paul Greengrass

Best Actor

Bruce Dern
Chiwetel Ejiafor
Leonardo Dicaprio
Matthew Mcconaughey
Tom Hanks

Best Actress

Amy Adams
Judi Dench
Emma Thompson
Sandra Bullock
Cate Blanchett

Best Supporting Actor

Michael Fassbender
Daniel Bruhl
Jared Leto
Barkhad Abdi
James Gandolfini

Best Supporting Actress

Lupita Nyong’o
Julia Roberts
Jennifer Lawrence
Oprah Winfrey
June Squibb

Best Adapted Screenplay

12 Years A Slave
Wolf of Wall Street
Before Midnight
Captain Phillips

Best Original Screenplay

American Hustle
Inside Llewyn Davis
Blue Jasmine

Overall Tally (Nominations by film)

12: 12 years a slave
11: Gravity
10: American Hustle
9: Captain Phillips
5. Nebraska, Dallas Buyers Club
4 Her, Great Gatsby, Philomena, Saving Mr Banks, Iside Llewyn Davis

“Got a good rub down in morning and had steak. Went to stadium, warmed up, another hot rub. Ran second in the relay. We got 1st place and broke Olympic and World Record 46 9/10.”

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