In culling together a list of the 100 greatest actors still active in cinema,  subjectivity plays an enormous role.  There is no quantifiable method by which to glean which actors are the most talented, but there is a wealth of hard earned knowledge combined with a mix of intuition that grants me the right to weigh in.  Apologies go out to the monumental names in the industry whose place are forever secure in the pantheon of greats, but who have recently gone out of vogue or retired to their hard earned mansions and will not be on this particular list.  We apologize in advance that the preponderance of figures on this list tend to be reserved for white males, however this is an industry that continues to be run, written and marketed to and by that subset, so it is no surprise that their names will appear more prominently below.  That being said, we worked tirelessly to have more of a multiplicity of backgrounds, ethnicities, genders on the list.  But we did so never to the detriment of the quality of the 100 names. This list isn’t meant to stand the test of time but is rather a reflection of the industry as it stands today and the remarkable luminaries who populate it.  This list will be conducted yearly at the close of each Oscar Season and will be annually altered to reflect the emergence of nascent talents and the departure of—hopefully through retirement and not death—legends at the top. We also don’t have a place on our list for actors who we feel our coasting. We aren’t looking for talents who believe their spot is forever reserved and have settled into their typecast persona. We instead honor people who burn with a fiery desire to do nothing short of captivating an audience and are continually driven by the need to evolve. Apologies in advance to anybody who doesn’t find their treasured actor here.  C’est La Vie


1. Daniel Day Lewis

2. Judi Dench

3. Ralph Fiennes

4. Leonardo DiCaprio

5. Kate Winslet

6. Morgan Freeman

7. Jessica Chastain

8. Helen Mirren

9. Michael Fassbender

10. Emma Thompson

11. Christoph Waltz

12. Kevin Spacey

13. Meryl Streep

14. Ben Kingsley

15. Viggo Mortensen

16. Maggie Smith

17.  Kenneth Branagh

18.  Julianne Moore

19. Antonio Banderas

20. Jude Law

21. Johnny Depp

22. Michael Caine

23. Annette Bening

24. Geoffrey Rush

25.  Penelope Cruz

26. Michael Gambon

27. Bill Nighy

28. Forest Whitaker

29. Joaquin Phoenix

30. Chadwick Boseman

31. Javier Bardem

32. Viola Davis

33. Michelle Williams

34. Don Cheadle

35. Jim Broadbent

36. Ed Harris

37.  Chris Cooper

38. Paul Giamatti

39. Naomi Watts

40. James McAvoy

41. Jessica Lange

42.  Tom Hiddleston

43. Helena Bonham Carter

44. Colin Firth

45. Christopher Walken

46. Christopher Plummer

47. Djimon Hounsou

48.  Adrien Brody

49. Ewan McGregor

50. Rebecca Hall

51. Cuba Gooding Jr.

52. Bill Murray

53. Cate Blanchett

54. Alan Rickman

55. Bruno Ganz

56.  Clive Owen

57. F. Murray Abraham

58. Russell Crowe

59. Denzel Washington

60.  Steve Carrell

61. Juliette Binoche

62. Edward Norton

63. Robert De Niro

64. Ken Watanabe

65.  Rachel Weisz

66. Liev Schreiber

67. Anthony Hopkins

68. Sissy Spacek

69. Albert Finney

70. Vanessa Redgrave

71. Robert Duvall

72. Kristin Scott Thomas

73. Chiwetel Ejiofor

74. Nicole Kidman

75. Alan Arkin

76. Charlize Theron

77. Tom Hanks

78. Mia Wasikowska

79. Alfred Molina

80. Tilda Swinton

81. Emily Blunt

82. Kevin Kline

83. Marion Cotillard

84. Frank Langella

85. Dustin Hoffman

86. Laura Linney

87. Toby Jones

88. Felicity Jones

89. Gary Oldman

90. Emily Watson

91. Robin Wright

92. Pierce Brosnan

93. Octavia Spencer

94. Natalie Portman

95. Benedict Cumberbatch

96. Berenice Bejo

97. Tom Wilkinson

98. Ian McKellen

99. Amy Adams

100. Patrick Stewart


“Got a good rub down in morning and had steak. Went to stadium, warmed up, another hot rub. Ran second in the relay. We got 1st place and broke Olympic and World Record 46 9/10.”

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